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Save Money With Our Filter Cleaning Service in Southern Ontario

At Riteway Filter Cleaning & Supply, we strive to deliver a professional, quality filter cleaning service. We extend our support from air filter cleaning service and recycling to pick-up and delivery. Below is a brief idea of how our filter cleaning service is carried out with perfection, with you not having to worry about the costs at all! Drop us a call so that we can assist you with your varying requirements. We tend to all your replacement filters and filter cleaning and recycling needs. Our service is complemented by pick-up and delivery. Below are some procedures we undertake for successfully servicing your air filters:

Riteway Filtration

Riteway Filtration uses internationally patented Industry Proven Sonic Dry-Cleaning Technology to safely and effectively clean air filters. Four strategically placed vacuum nozzles are designed to work closely together with two sets of air nozzles located both inside and outside the filter. Because the vacuum and air nozzles work in sync, both inside/out and outside/in air filters can be cleaned.

Vibration Cycle

A self-adjusting arm lowers and locks the filter into place activating the vibration cycle in the sealed cleaning chamber. During the vibration cycle, the air filter is rotated on special ‘clicks’ while the angled air nozzles send controlled, compressed air inside and outside the filter. The combination of vibration, rotation and compressed air loosens dirt and debris which is quickly vacuumed away to the dust collection system.

The Clean Cycle

The specifically engineered air nozzles move in and onto the air filter automatically to both the inside and outside surfaces of the filter. The two sets of air nozzles are designed to mirror each other, causing the compressed air to glance off the filters’ media. Upon completion, the cleaning machine automatically releases the filter and stops, signalling that the cleaning process is done.

Our System

Our system is a completely Self Contained Cleaning Unit with a waste disposal system that allows the particular matter to be collected and sealed in bags or cans for Safe Disposal.

before and after filter

Reduce your Filter cleaning costs by more than 50%


At Riteway Filter Cleaning & Supply, we have all the right equipment, expertise and cleaning procedures to ensure that along with saving the environment from generating more carbon footprint, you are able to save both your time and money. Mentioned below are some of the factors of our service that would help you reduce filter costs up to 50%:

Industry-proven filter dry cleaning technology
Fully automated and computer-driven filter cleaning techniques
Adjustable cleaning cycle for specific customer applications
Self-contained system for product recovery and hazardous waste

Looking for Affordable Air Filter Cleaning and Recycling?

Riteway Filter Cleaning & Supply’s Sonic Dry Clean technology is the right choice for you.

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