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 Serving Southern Ontario Since 1988

Providing superior service to our valued customers, large and small, with pick-up and delivery.

Cost-effective Filter Cleaning and Recycling in Southern Ontario

Why Choose Riteway Filter Cleaning & Supply?

We, at Riteway Filter Cleaning & Supply, have been providing economical yet eco-friendly measures for industrial air filter cleaning in Southern Ontario since 1988. Our cost-efficient method will enable you to reuse your industrial air filters, reducing costs. We have very precise systems that help make your old air filters just as good as new ones. Our effective procedures allow us to give you a fully functional, recycled air filter. Helping you reduce maintenance costs without having to compromise the quality of the performance. With our Sonic Dry Clean technology, we get rid of even the minutest dust particles, restoring your filter to a like-new condition. Call us to try our air cleaning service today.

Sonic dry clean technology
Riteway Filter Cleaning & Supply uses internationally patented industry-proven sonic dry cleaning technology to safely and effectively clean air filters. Four strategically placed vacuum nozzles are designed to work closely together with two sets of air nozzles located both inside and outside the filter. Because the vacuum and air nozzles work in sync, both inside/out and outside/in air filters can be cleaned.
Go Green
Thousands of tons of air filters are sent to landfills, generating unnecessary waste contributing to pollution. Here At Riteway Filter Cleaning & Supply, we believe in recycling for the planet. Our process allows you to clean and reuse your air filters without using any chemicals.
Cost-effective methods
Our technology allows you to reuse your filters several times, reducing overall costs without compromising quality.
Self-contained cleaning systems
At Riteway Filter Cleaning & Supply, our system is a completely self-contained cleaning and waste disposal system that allows the particulate matter to be collected and sealed in bags or cans for safe disposal.

Don’t hesitate to drop us a call; we are at your service.

Replacement Filters Available!

We have a wide variety of replacement filters available air, lube, fuel, coolants, hydraulics and much more!

Creating a World of Good for Our Environment

We help you reduce your carbon footprint by reusing your automotive and industrial filters.

Sonic Dry Cleaning Technology

Our environmentally conscious process lets you safely reuse your air filters.

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